How to Run a Successful Business

Successful Business

In my earlier days when my manager and I started our own billing center.  Our company acquired another smaller company and combined staff from two offices to start a billing center.

As you can imagine this was an interesting task to take on; not only did we have new staff to the company but also we had to combine staff from the previous company and current company and make them into a solid team.

One of my first tasks was to write out our expectations for our staff everything from attendance and productivity, to daily processes such as who to call if you are sick.  I felt this was necessary so our staff would all be set up from day one with all the information they would need to be successful part of the team.

Our billing center started understaffed; that was our first challenge.  We contracted with several temporary agencies in our local area.  At first things seemed promising but eventually we found our turnover was too high.   Read Full Post…

Traveling and Casinos

Las Vegas - 11 Sep 2010  - Bellagio Hotel Casino during sunset

My wife Denise and I have worked very hard in the mortgage industry and now have a lot of free time doing what we love to do: traveling and going to casinos.


Our local casino in Scottsdale, AZ  Talking Stick Resort is where we like to play because of the convenience.  However our biggest win came when we visited Las Vegas 2 months ago at the Bellagio.  Denise hit the jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune Machine for $24,793.  This was on the 2nd night of our 4 night stay in Las Vegas.

We were treated like royalty after she won the jackpot.  I thought it would be the opposite but they wanted to earn some or most of their money back.  We were upgraded to a gorgeous suite, buffet and fine dinners were complimentary.  They even gave us show tickets to see “O” Cirque du Soleil.  This show was outstanding and our jaws were dropped for most of the show.

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